Ballot question endorsements

The Executive Committee met and discussed the ballot questions that will be before Oklahoma voters on Nov. 2. The question and the official OK Green Party endorsements are below. On questions where no consensus could be reached, or where the committee felt it did not have enough information to make a decision, no recommendation was made; these are indicated by “Make no statement.” On some of the questions, particularly the lottery and anti-gay marriage amendment, a formal statement will be made and distributed to elaborate our position.

A list of the questions can be found here:

#705: Lottery. Recommend NO.
#706: Amending OK Constitution for education lottery trust fund.
Recommend YES.
#707: City and county funding for development, etc. Recommend NO.
#708: Further limiting use of rainy day fund. MAKE NO STATEMENT.
#711: Marriage amendment. Recommend NO.
#712: Indian tribal gaming. Recommend NO.
#713: Tobacco tax increase. Recommend NO.
#714: Change to qualifications for homestead exemption. MAKE NO
#715: Property tax exemption for injured vets. MAKE NO STATEMENT.