OK Greens’ statement on the Death Penalty

The Supreme Court decision banning the application of the death penalty for juveniles means that a number of Oklahoma death row prisoners who were under 18 at the time of the crime they were convicted for, will no longer themselves be murdered by the state.

The platform of the Green Party of Oklahoma has the following plank regarding the death penalty:

As a matter of conscience we call for the abolition of the death penalty. Until such time as the death penalty is abolished, we call for a moratorium on further executions in Oklahoma until it can be ensured that no innocent person would be killed in our names.

Since Oklahoma executes prisoners at a higher rate per capita than any other state and most nations including China and Iran, and there has been proven examples of false and faked evidence used to convict the innocent in Oklahoma, and there may be instances of innocents being killed for crimes they did not commit, we continue to call for the state of Oklahoma, and indeed the United States government, to completely abolish state-sanctioned killing within the criminal justice system.