Green Party of Oklahoma

Pictures from the Green Party’s 2005 National Meeting in Tulsa


These pictures were taken on my camera by Rebecca Weber (a reporter for Green Pages) of the press conference on Saturday of the Annual National Meeting. (Here’s a GPUS Press release that gives a good summary of the event.

These first few shots are of Rachel Jackson (ANM Coordinator and Oklahoma GP Co-Chair) and Pat LaMarche (2004 Green Party Vice-Presidential nominee) speaking about the Green Party’s service project during the Tulsa meeting, and the importance of female leadership in the party…

The next picture is of me (James Branum, GPOK Co-chair and Alternate Delegate) speaking about ballot access reform

The next few shots are of Nan Garrett speaking about Elaine Brown’s run for Mayor in Brunswick, GA

The next picture is of Rebecca Rotzler, Deputy Mayor of New Paltz, NY

The last picture is of all of us together (Brent McMillan, GPUS political director is on the left-hand side)