Oklahoma ballot access reform bills introduced in both state House and Senate

An important message from Richard Prawdzinsky of the Libertarian Party, our compatriots in achieving ballot access reform in Oklahoma.

It’s official. Both House and Senate introduce a bill to reform Oklahoma Ballot Access. However, for these two bill to move foraward we need help
SB28 – Sen. Randy Brogdon, Owasso
HB1359 – Rep Marian Cooksey, Edmond

How much support can we get? In the past when I asked legislators if they would support the bill, many responded, “I will look at the bill when it comes out of committee.” This was not good enough because the bill never came out of committee. New approach. Ask your legislator if he/she would co-author the bill. This gets instance answer.

For 3rd reading of measures in house of origin Thursday, March 15, 2007 — Which means we have only a short time to make things happen.