New film on Ralph Nader and electoral access

From George Farah, Executive Director of

A movie is coming out that highlights the anti-democratic nature of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD).

An Unreasonable Man is an award-winning, nuanced documentary about Ralph Nader that is being released in major cities across the country. Co-directed by Steve Skrovan, the executive producer of Everybody Loves Raymond, An Unreasonable Man features a lengthy segment on the exclusion of Nader and other candidates from the 2000 presidential debates, despite the fact that a majority of Americans supported their inclusion.

Featuring unseen footage, the sequence reveals how the major parties seized control of the debates from the League of Women Voters; how corporations finance the deceptive CPD; and how the CPD physically excluded third-party candidates like Nader, Pat Buchanan and Harry Browne from even entering the debate premises in 2000. Director Skrovan told me that the debate segment in the film spurred outrage among audiences at the Sundance Film Festival.

You can learn more about the film at the following website:


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