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Winter 2007 issue of Green Pages


The latest issue of the US Green Party’s excellent newspaper, Green Pages is out and now available online.

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Current table of contents (most stories available online at link):


Breaking through the media barrier
Three Green Party candidates find a way to get mainstream coverage
By Matt Funiciello
Green Party of New York State

Award promotes Green values for young graduates

Los Angeles Greens launch Petra Kelly Scholarships
By Erin Schmidt and Lisa Taylor
Los Angeles Greens

Spotlight on Gayle McLaughlin
Green Mayor of Richmond
By Mike Feinstein
Green Party of California

Support goes to Rep. McKinney’s motion to impeach President Bush


Greens take the country, one mayor at a time
A history of Green mayors in the United States
By Mike Feinstein
Green Party of California

Fact Sheet: Green Party Mayors in the U.S. 1990-present
10 elected (E), 24 appointed (A)

Governor candidate gets unprecedented votes
Rich Whitney gains recognition for the Illinois Green Party
By Deyva Arthur
Green Party of New York

LaMarche Makes History in Maine
By Blair Bobier
Green Independent Party of Maine

Still Portland’s Second Party
Wins and losses solidify Greens place
By Mike Feinstein
Green Party of California

Major California election successes in 2006
Bay Area victories of McLaughlin and Kim are highlights
By Mike Feinstein
Green Party of California

Sanchez chosen President of San Francisco Board of Education

The struggle for ballot access
New York runs a strong campaign but doesn’t make it
By Peter Lavenia
Co-Chair, Green Party of New York State

How I Was Re-elected to the Live Oak School Board, Santa Cruz
By Paul Franklin
Green Party of California

Running Against Clinton in 2006 and 2008
Thoughts and advice from my campaign
By Howie Hawkins
Green Party candidate for U.S. senate in New York

Rank your choices? Coming soon to a city near you
IRV wins in four places across nation
By Mike Feinstein
Green Party of California

Instant runoff voting wins big in Oakland
Laura Wells reflects on lessons learned from the campaign
By Laura Wells
Green Party of California


Czech Greens part of coalition government
They win hundreds of seats in past election
By Petr Stepanek
Czech Green Party

Greens and the 2006 Nicaraguan Elections
By Steve Herrick
Wisconsin representative to the International Committee of the Green Party of the United States

Austrian Greens enjoy historic electoral success
By Mike Feinstein
advisor, International Committee, Green Party of the United States

Nobel Peace Prize winner hosts international Green Party conference in Nairobi Kenya May 1st-4th 2008

Northern Ireland unites
The Green Party of Northern Ireland joins with UK Greens

Evolution of a Party in the Philippines

Green efforts to become national
By Bency Ellorin, Partidok Kalikasan ng Pilipinas Philippine Green Party

European Green Party holds conference

Plan to gain stronger presence in European Parliament


Environmental death watch
Who is responsible for curbing global warming?

By Lorna Salzman
EcoAction Committee

Ten Key Values

Adapted from an article by Dorothy H. Engel, North Carolina Mountain Greens


State Reports
By various

Caucus & Committee Reports
By various
GPAX is in the news.


The Unreasonable Man shares his thoughts
An interview with Ralph Nader

By Matt Funiciello
Green Party of New York State

Unreasonable Film Makers
An interview with the makers of An Unreasonable Man

By Matt Funiciello
Green Party of New York State


How to eat the landscape:
the Sunflower Project

By Will Yaeger

Celebrating Earth Day every day with Permaculture
By Naomi Canaan
Green Party of New York State