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Global Warming Emergency, yet denials persist


Recent studies show that climate change is accelerating and serious points are being passed much sooner than expected. It will soon be too late.

Steven D at Booman Tribune has collected the latest reports into a grim picture:

We’ve Passed the Tipping Point on Global Warming

[…] We are witnessing changes that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. Changes that were not predicted to occur for several more decades are showing up now, as you read these words of mine. Temperatures and sea levels rising faster than our climate change models predicted. Glaciers vanishing before our eyes. Ice melting in the interior of Antarctica in a region the size of California, where ice has never melted before in recorded history.


All while Exxon continues to pour millions of dollars into the coffers of conservative think tanks which seek to deny that global climate change is occurring. All while the Bush administration continues to mount a diplomatic offensive to prevent any global action on steps to reduce carbon emissions and other green house gases. […]

Also at the top of the list of those willfully ignoring reality and refusing to act (except to make things worse!), is Oklahoma’s Senator Inhofe.

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