Green Party of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Greens meet in Stroud for 2007 annual meeting


Meeting in the middle of the state at the legendary Rock Cafe on historic Route 66, the Green Party of Oklahoma’s held its annual meeting for 2007. Members of the party’s coordinating council discussed a number of issues, but the current ballot access petition drive was the primary consideration. Special guest at the meeting was Sean Hough, a Libertarian who is in the state courtesy of the national Libertarian Party, and who is assisting Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform, the coalition group that is conducting the drive.

Read the minutes from the 10/21/2007 GPOK Annual Meeting.

The next meeting of the Coordinating Council, to which any Green or interested person is welcome, will be following the Peace Fest in Oklahoma City on Nov. 11.

GPOK co-chairs James Branum and Rachel Jackson.

Sean Hough made a presentation about the OBAR petition drive.

OK Greens discuss the state’s ballot access laws.

The GPOK Coordinating Council members.

Thanks to the management and crew at the Rock Cafe for their hospitality and patience.

Green Party of Oklahoma
Annual Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2007

Approved Agenda:
Ballot Access
Peace Festival Table
Table materials
Website concerns
Budget & Fundraising
Public Statements & Issue Support
Reorganization of GPOK

* Meeting began at 3:30 p.m.
* Those present included Joni Leviness, Jean McMahon, Huti Reynolds, Doug Vincent, Rena Blaiz, James Branum and Rachel Jackson.
* Facilitator, Rachel Jackson

1.) Ballot Access

Shaun Haugh, working as support from Libertarian National sent in to help in OBAR efforts into January, spoke to the group regarding petition #390 for SQ #740 on ballot access reform. The original petition was pulled, rewritten and resubmitted after two minor but significant changes.
* The “retention requirement” was changed from 1% to 2% (the signature requirement stayed at 5,000).
* The wording was changed to make it clear that the petition addressed one issue, and requested two changes.

The petition will be in circulation from 10/15 through 1/14.

Also, Mr. Haugh informed the group that Joni Leviness is now chair of the OBAR committee, and has brought many positive changes to the group structure. Joni added that these changes are based entirely upon the decentralized cooperative model of the by-laws of the GPOK (as amended in 2005).

Mr. Haugh encouraged the group to go to the OBAR website ( to read the events list to find out times and places where petitions will be gathered.

He also recommended that above all, signature collectors keep asking for signatures. The goal for number collected is 110,000, with the actual number of valid signatures needed being approximately 74,000.

Joni reminded the group that the signature must match the printed name on the petition, and that it is a good idea to carry voter registration cards (available at Post Offices).

2.) Peace Festival

The GPOK will have a table at the Peace Festival (November 10th, 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.). This effort is being headed by Rachel Jackson. Randy Smith purchased the table for the GPOK.

The group agreed that the table should have the following items:
* Nat’l platform copy (laminated)
* State platform copy (laminated)
* 10 key value cards (to be ordered)
* Issue statements:
Ecological – Coal Plant at Red Rock
Water Resource Planning
Electoral – Ballot Access
Mass Transit – Preservation of Union Station Rail Yard
Economic – Sustainable Economic Models
Oklahoma Poverty
Peace – Anti-war Efforts
GI Rights
Justice – Stance on Anti-Affirmative Action Petition
* Petitions:
Preservation of Union Station Rail Yard
Ballot Access (petition #390)
Pledge of Resistance
* Voter Registration Cards
* Business Cards
* T-shirts and other “for sale” items

Rachel will order the approved items and work with Doug for payment.

The group approved expenses on materials up to $150.

3.) Website concerns

Rena urged everyone to send her content for the GPOK website. Any reports on events or actions can be used.

The group also approved the creation of a new Green Country Greens listserv, as the owner/creator and moderators of the current listserv are either not active or not reachable, or both.

The group also agreed that as the webkeeper for the GPOK website, Rena should also have administrative access to all GPOK listserves.

The committee agreed that the GPUS donation to the OBAR campaign needs to be put on the website.

4.) Budget

The group approved the following:

* $100 earmarked for Green Party expenses in gathering OBAR petition signatures.
* $100 to North America Transit Group

Discussion of fundraising was tabled until the next meeting.

5.) Public Statements & Issue Support

The group approved the support of Joni’s position not to back Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney for Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees at this time.

The group agreed that a statement needed to be made regarding the Anti-affirmative Action petition circulating, and the GPOK’s support of Affirmative Action measures. James agreed to work up a statement and send it to the GPOK Coop listserv by Friday, October 26th.

The group approved Rena’s request to add the name of the GPOK to the letter to Congress.

6.) Reorganization of the GPOK

The group agreed to considering the “districting” of the state into areas with an identified contact persons, modeled after the county extension offices. Also the committee agreed to consider the creation of Issue Action groups, such as Eco Action, Electoral Action, Peace and Justice Action, Economic Action.

Further discussion of this reorganization was moved to the listserv and future meetings.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:07 p.m. Next meeting will be an “afterglow” after the Peace Festival in OKC on November 10th.