Oklahoma Greens to hold Presidential Straw Poll — Polls close at 10 pm CDT on Wednesday, July 8

Update #1: To comply with GPUS rules, we have changed the ending time for this poll to be 10 pm CDT on Wed, July 8, 2020.

Update #2: The poll closed at 10 pm CDT. Results will be announced later tonight at http://www.okgreens.org Thanks to all who participated.

This straw poll is being conducted by the Green Party of Oklahoma as a way to determine how our delegate votes are allocated. (assuming our pending application for accreditation of delegates is accepted by the national party)

All members of the Green Party of Oklahoma are eligible to vote in this poll, but you must be a member of the GPOK to vote.

If you are not yet a member of the party, please go to: https://okgreens.wordpress.com/join/ before completing this poll. And if you are a current or past member, please go ahead and fill out the membership data form (at the same link above) so we will be easily able to confirm you are a GPOK member and eligible to vote in this straw poll.

This poll is conducted via RCV (Ranked choice voting) so you will be ranking the options in order of preference. For more information on how RCV works please visit https://ballotpedia.org/Ranked-choice_voting_(RCV)

The candidates listings on the ballot are based on the list of candidates who met the criteria for official recognition by the GPUS (see https://www.gp.org/2020). To learn more about the candidates, please visit:

  • David Rolde – DavidRolde2020.org
  • Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker – HowieHawkins.us
  • Dario Hunter/Darlene Elias – DarioHunter.com
  • NOTA (none of the above) – By choosing this option, your preference is that our convention delegatesBy choosing this option, your preference is that our convention delegates be uncommitted and not bound to vote a certain by our state party. This choice may also be used for supporters of other Presidential candidates who did not meet the GPUS recognition criteria. For more information on these candidates, please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Green_Party_presidential_primaries. Also if you support one of these candidates, please write their name in on the “additional comments” section at the bottom of this form.

This poll will close at 10 noon CDT on Wednesday, July 8, so please do not delay in casting your vote. We hope to be able to announce the results by 10 am CDT on Thursday, July 9.

Privacy notice: Due to the limitations of this form (and the need to confirm party membership) this poll is not truly anonymous (because the straw poll committee will be able to see the votes), however, the data tying individual voters to their votes will not be shared beyond the straw poll committee and will be deleted after the the votes are counted. No information on who voted for what candidate will be shared under any circumstances.


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