Oklahoma Greens Announce Results of 2020 Presidential Preference Poll

July 9, 2020 (OKLAHOMA CITY): The Green Party of Oklahoma (GPOK) completed a historic online Presidential Preference Poll to choose how its delegates will vote in the first round of voting at the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention.

The results of the poll are:

  1. Dario Hunter/Darlene Elias :        34.48%
  2. Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker:   28.73%
  3. None of the Above/Unbound:      18.54%
  4. David Rolde:                                17.24%

“Doing this online poll enabled Greens from across the state to make their voices heard through a ranked choice voting system, in which voters ordered the candidates in their order or preference,” said GPOK member James M. Branum. “We believe that this system eliminates the so-called ‘spoiler effect’ and should be adopted for all elections.”

The results of this poll will be used to fairly distribute Oklahoma’s votes at the GPUS national convention so that the delegate votes cast will proportionally represent the views of Oklahoma Green voters.

“It was fantastic to be able to choose among presidential candidates who share my values of peace and health care access for everyone. The Green Party continues to push forward issues like the Green New Deal to impact national conversations to build a better world for our children,” said GPOK member Kyle Gregory.


The Green Party of Oklahoma was established as a statewide Green Praty in 2002 and received its accreditation from the Green Party of the US in May 2005. For more information about Green Party of Oklahoma, visit http://www.okgreens.org.

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