Tulsa Run opportunity for climate awareness and ballot access reform

Jean McMahon as polar bear in the 2007 Tulsa Run

Oklahoma Green Jean McMahon has been doing outstanding work in a very unique way: attending public events in a polar bear costume. The outfit dramatically illustrates the issue of global warming and gets lots of notice wherever Jean wears it.

Today it was the Tulsa Run, for which Jean has been training for over a month. “As soon as I arrived at the starting line,” Jean reports, “Mayor Kathy Taylor came trotting over to say, ‘Hi, remember I saw you at the climate report at TU (University of Tulsa)’.”

Jean and fellow Green Huti Reynolds also collected 42 signatures for the Oklahoma Ballot Reform initiative.

The Tulsa World reports that an Edmond man won the race. We suspect that the polar bear running and petitioning through the city’s streets won a few points from onlookers and run participants alike.

Pictures from the Green Party’s 2005 National Meeting in Tulsa – Part 2

These pictures were taken by Serena Blaiz and myself (James M. Branum)on Saturday of the GPUS annual national meeting in Tulsa.

(click here to see the first installment)

Huti Reynolds and James

Serena Blaiz (GPOK EC member) with David Cobb (2004 Green Party presidential nominee)

James giving Oklahoma’s state report to the body

The Oklahoma delegation, from L-R: James Branum (alternate), Huti Reynolds (delegate), Joni LeViness (delegate), Ben Alpers (alternate)

The very divided California delegation during discussion on the GDI proposals

Ben speaking against the GDI proposals

Joni sitting at the delegate table

Huti, Jean McMahon and Serena at the Saturday night GPUS fundraising party

David Cobb speaking at the Saturday night GPUS fundraising party

Agenda for national meeting in Tulsa

The agenda for this weekend’s national Green Party meeting in Tulsa (hosted by Green Country Greens) has been released. We particularly call your attention to the party being hosted by the Green Party of Oklahoma on Friday night. $10, food, music and great company. All are welcome!

Thursday 7-21-05

9:00 AM- 11:45AM Session
* Registration
* Open Session for Committee Meetings

Noon – 2:00 PM Lunch (self-directed)

2:00 PM – 3:15 PM Session
* International Committee (2 hours) -John Mabee Hall
* Discussion on Proposal 153, 154, and 155 (2 hours) GPFL, GPNY, GPVT-John Mabee Hall
* Planning for Future Success: Jimmy Leas, GPVT- Lorton Auditorium
* Black Caucus Meeting -John Mabee Hall
* PCSC- John Mabee Hall
* BAWG/Ballot Access Group- John Mabee Hall
* Youth Caucus- John Mabee Hall
* Other Committee Space Available John Mabee Hall

3:30 PM- 4:45 PM Session
* The Facts of Nuclear Testing and Waste Transportation: Tom King and Deanna Taylor, GPUT- Keplinger Room M8
* Planning for Future Success: Jimmy Leas, GPVT- Lorton Auditorium
* Dispute Resolution Workshop- ACAC Great Hall B
* Green Tempest Workshop: Greg Geritt- Keplinger Room M2
* Computer Workshop: Marc Sanson – Keplinger Room M4
* Diversity Committee Meeting-John Mabee Hall
* CCC Meeting- John Mabee Hall

Dinner (self directed)

Informal Social Gathering (John Mabee Hall)

7:00 PM Session
* Merchandise Committee Meeting- John Mabee Hall
* Peace Keeper Training- John Mabee Hall
* National Women Caucus Meeting

Friday 7-22-05

7:30 AM- 8:45 AM Session
* FinCom Workshop Planning Session- Lorton Hall

9:00 AM- 10:30AM Session
* Registration
* White Privilege (Diversity Committee)- ACAC Great Hall A
* Campaign School – Three Concurrent Sessions at Keplinger Room M2, M4, and M8
* Finance Committee 2006 Budget Workshop- Lorton Auditorium
* Green Alliance Meeting -John Mabee Hall
* Space Available for Committee Meetings- John Mabee Hall
* Anti-War Workshop: GPAX -Rebecca Rotzler, Co-Chair, ACAC Great Hall B

10:45 AM- Noon Session
* Right To Vote Act: Asa Gordon, BC/DC sponsor -ACAC Great Hall A
* Free Santos Reyes Workshop: Peter Camejo/Matt Gonzales- Lorton Hall
* Prison Reform Workshop: Frank Smith, GPKS- John Mabee Hall
* Community Development Workshop: Frank Smith- ACAC Great Hall B
* Iraq Revisited Workshop: George Martin- John Mabee Hall

Noon- 1:15 Lunch
* State Co-chairs Meeting- John Mabee Hall
* Platform Committee – John Mabee Hall
* BCOC Meeting – John Mabee Hall

1:30 PM- 4:45 PM – Plenary ACAC Great Hall A
15 min- Roll Call
60 min- State Reports (10-12 states at 5 minutes each)
15 min- Right to Vote Act Summary-Asa Gordon
15 min- Left Out Campaign -Pat LaMarche
15 min- White Privilege-Asa Gordon
60 min- All Committee Reports (10 minutes each)
5 min- Closure
5:00 PM – State Party Fundraising Panel: Fundraising Committee – John Mabee Hall
7:00 PM – Okie Green Wingding! Sponsored by the OK Greens — details

Saturday 7-23-05

9:00 AM- 11:45AM – Plenary Session ACAC Great Hall A
Call to order
15 min- Roll Call
60 min- State Reports (10-12 states at 5 minutes each)
30 min- Committee Breakout Session
5 min- Call to Order and Introduction of Speaker
30 min- Peter Camejo
30 min- David Cobb

* Campaign School Repeated – Three Concurrent Sessions at Keplinger Room M2, M4, and M8

Noon – 1:15 Lunch
* Rural Greens Meeting John Mabee Hall
* Campus Greens Meeting John Mabee Hall

1:30 PM- 5:45 PM – Plenary ACAC Great Hall A
15 min- Roll Call
60 min- State Reports (10-12 states at 5 minutes each)
60 min- SC and CCC Nominations and Candidate 2 minutes each Speeches
30 min- SPWG
30 min- PNWG
60 min- 3 NY Proposals (20 minutes each)

6:00 PM – 7:15
Lavender Caucus- John Mabee Hall

Dinner (self directed)

8:00 PM – Green Party Fun(d)raising Bash (Hurricane Hut /ACAC)

Sunday 7-24-05

9:00 AM- 11:45AM – Plenary Session ACAC Great Hall A
Call to order
15 min- Roll Call
60 min- SC and CCC Elections
30 min- SPWG Response Breakout Session
30min- SPWG Input Session
30 min- Closure
Noon- 1:15 Lunch
Finance Committee Meeting -John Mabee Hall
1:30 PM- 4:45 PM
SC Meeting -John Mabee Hall

TU is NOT sponsoring this event. We are simply renting space from them for our convention…

GPUS Campaign Workshop in Tulsa

GPUS Tulsa Campaign School

On Friday and Saturday of the Annual Meeting, the GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee will be holding a 3 hour campaign school for anyone interested in learning about running for office, working as a volunteer or campaign manager, or simply building upon their existing campaigning skills.

Workshops will include:

  • Intro to campaigns
  • Officeholders’ Panel
  • Campaign Manager Training
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Fundraising
  • Campaign Outreach Panel
  • Media Relations
  • Candidate’s Role in a Campaign

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: JOHN EDER Currently the highest elected Green in the nation. He will be speaking about his experience as not just a candidate, but as a Green candidate who was re-elected against overwhelming odds.

The campaign school will run from 9-12 on Friday with a repeat of the workshops on Saturday from 9-12.