Green Van rides in Muskogee MLK Parade

Green Country Green Joni LeViness drove a “Green Van” in the Muskogee parade at 4 on Mon. Greens distributed green-colored Jolly ranchers to parade viewers. Jean and Huti McMahon, who are Muskogee residents, participated.

The ban displayed the Green “10 key values” on the side as well as “Green and Growing”, and “W W MLK DO?”.


Oklahoma third parties protest election shutout

The Green and Libertarian Parties, united in opposition to Oklahoma’s restrictive ballot access laws, protested on election day in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Green Country Greens Joni LeViness and Jean MacMahon, and Oklahoma Co. Green James Branum called for voters to vote for NOTA, None of the Above, by leaving the presidential slot blank on their ballot.

See press release on NOTA campaign.