Branum gets 5% of the vote in H.D. #99, comes in 2nd place in home precinct!

Taken from: campaign website. Branum was the first Green Party member in Oklahoma to run for office.

Here’s the results from the the Oklahoma State Elections Board:

WILLARD LINZY REP 1,166 18.34%
J. M. BRANUM IND 306 4.81%

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Green candidate Branum rides in 2006 OBS Streak, promoting campaign

Taken from: J. M. Branum campaign website

These pictures are from the OBS Streak (Oklahoma Bicycle Society ride) that I participated in. I rode the pedicab (using our new campaign/GPOK advertisements) in the 15 mile ride. I did think about riding the 30 mile, but around 10 miles into the race I was really glad I stuck with the 15 because the pedicab did wear me out more than I would have expected.

By the way, the second shot is super-blurry because my digital camera at this point was having some condensation problems.

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Oklahoma Green Party endorses Branum for House District #99

TULSA, OK – The Green Party of Oklahoma endorsed J. M. Branum’s independent candidacy for House District #99 at its 5th annual state convention on August 19th.

The convention was held in Tulsa and was attended by party members from Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Porum, Ft. Gibson, and Norman. The state party’s endorsement decision followed the Oklahoma County Green party’s decision to endorse Branum at their August 13th meeting.

Joni Leviness, convention participant from Tulsa, said about Branum’s campaign, “I support him because his campaign issues are true issues he cares about and are not just campaign slogans. I know that Oklahoma would be well-represented by him.”
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J. M. Branum launches campaign as first Oklahoma Green to run for state House

NOTE: J. M. Branum will be seeking the Oklahoma Green Party’s endorsement at its convention this summer.

J. M. Branum is a 30-year old candidate for House District #99. He is running on the Independent ticket but is a Green Party member.

“My campaign will focus on the most important issues of our day: ending the racist, classist and immoral practice of the death penalty, fighting to provide genuine relief to those oppressed by poverty, promoting means of independence from high gas prices, and working to reform Oklahoma’s undemocratic ballot access laws,” said Branum.
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