GPOK To Submit Signatures For Party Recognition, Protest Current Laws


OKLAHOMA CITY – With hands tied in protest, the GPOK will submit its petition signatures for party recognition to the Oklahoma Election Board at 9 a.m. tomorrow. Though short of the required 25,000 signatures, the party wants its petitions on record to exemplify the continued exclusion of alternative political parties from the democratic process in Oklahoma.

The official signature count will be available after the March 1 primaries.

“Our hands are tied,” said Rachel Jackson, state facilitator of the GPOK Cooperative Council. ”The current ballot access laws not only keep us off the ballot, they prevent us from building a party by making it impossible to register voters as Greens and run candidates. While last year’s reform measure was a great improvement, the law remains an unjust burden for fledgling new political parties in the state.”

The GPOK is following several reform measures making headway this legislative session. Senate Bill 896, authored by Sen. Kyle Loveless (R-Oklahoma City), passed unanimously in the Senate Rules Committee and is now headed to the floor for a vote. SB 896 would lower the percentage of votes needed by candidates for governor or president to remain a recognized political party. As it stands, the bill would change the requirement from 10 percent to percent.

“We applaud these current efforts by our legislators to give Oklahoma voters more options on Election Day,” Jackson said.

Other groups, like the Oklahoma Libertarian Party and Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform coalition, are also lending their support for such reforms.

“The truth is that ballot-access laws undermine the fundamental principles of democracy,” said OBAR spokesman Micah Gamino. “The theory that ballots will be overcrowded with candidates without them is a myth, when you look at the facts. The state requires only a filing fee to get on the ballot as an Independent candidate for all offices except for president, and crowded ballots and ‘spoiler’ candidates haven’t been a problem here. Oklahoma’s ballot restrictions target the right of citizens to form new political parties, for no other reason than to safeguard our artificial, Republicratic, two-party system.”

Future activities include the organization of training events for citizen lobbyists to support this year’s reform measures. The GPOK also plans to launch another petition drive immediately following the November election.


Oklahoma Green Party Encourages Independents to Vote Bernie Sanders for Oklahoma Democratic Party Nomination

February 22, 2016
Rachel Jackson, GPOK State Facilitator
(405) 205-6048;

Eric Smith, GPOK State Treasurer and GPUS National Delegate
(918) 760-4413;
Party leaders cite Sanders’ values and refusal to take corporate donations as well as repressive ballot access laws that will not allow their party nominee to receive a line on the state ballot as reasons for endorsement.
Norman, OK—This afternoon, the Green Party of Oklahoma’s Cooperative Council unanimously voted to encourage Independents to vote for Bernie Sanders for President of the United States in the upcoming Oklahoma Democratic Primary based upon social media survey results. During the meeting, council members compared Sanders’ positions on issues involving the economy, social justice, feminism, education, and the environment to their party platform.
They also agreed to survey GPOK members and other left-leaning voters for their opinion via social media before making the endorsement official. Because registered Independents can now vote in the Oklahoma Democratic Primary, the GPOK believes supporting Sanders is the best way to participate electorally while representing Green Party values. Party leaders sent out a social media survey asking if the party should endorse Sanders. The results showed overwhelming support for the endorsement.
“The platform of the Green Party of Oklahoma contains what we call our “10 Key Values,” said Green Party of Oklahoma State Facilitator Rachel Jackson. “These values are grassroots democracy, social justice, ecological wisdom, nonviolence, decentralization, community-based economics, feminism, respect for diversity, global responsibility, and a focus on the future. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who will appear on Oklahoma’s ballot in the primaries that will truly advocate for most of those ideals.”
The GPOK acknowledges some Greens believe parts of Sanders’ platform, such as his stance on military drones and Israel, do not reflect Green values.
Given the lack of options for Oklahoma Greens on the Oklahoma ballot, however, Greens believe Sanders to be the best possible option for those Greens casting votes in Oklahoma’s Democratic Primary. Oklahoma’s ballot access laws, amended by the legislature in 2014, still require approximately 25,000 valid petition signatures for a third party to place a candidate on the presidential ballot. These signatures do not insure the party will retain ballot access after the election. Oklahoma Greens believe the number of petition signatures required for ballot access should be lowered to 5,000.
The Green Party is perhaps best known for one of their previous presidential candidates: Ralph Nader. Some Democratic Party leaders continue to cite Nader as the reason Al Gore lost to George W. Bush in Florida during the 2000 presidential elections. When asked about the shadow of Nader’s influence over that election, Green Party of the United States National Delegate Eric Smith embraced Nader’s 2000 presidential run.
“During his 2000 campaign, Nader wanted to give voters a chance to vote for a progressive. That should be celebrated. People who blame Nader for Gore’s loss should instead blame Florida’s flawed electoral system. Let’s not forget about Florida’s history of problems around the voting booth. It’s time to move beyond partisanship and forge an alliance among progressives. This is about sending a message of support for the political revolution taking place in our country. If we want to see real democracy in America, we have to unite around the goals we share. Voting for Sanders is a short term tactic to support a long term strategy.”
“We will continue to fight for ballot access for Green Party candidates in Oklahoma,” Jackson says. “In the meantime, because Oklahoma’s Democratic Party decided to allow independent voters an opportunity to vote in their primary, we are excited to participate. Progressive independents and Democrats need to make the most of this opportunity, and we ask that they vote for Bernie Sanders on March 1st.”

The Green Party of Oklahoma was formed in 2002 and received its accreditation from the Green Party of the US in May 2005. For more information about Green Party of Oklahoma, visit


The March 1 deadline to file petition signatures to get the Green Party on the 2016 ballot is right around the corner!

By law, all petitions must be submitted to the state election board at the same time – in one, big bundle. So if you have collected ANY signatures for this effort, please mail your petition forms to the following address:

3375 E. Lindsey St.
Norman, OK 73071

Please note that every line of your form does not need a signature for the petition to count. We can accept forms containing a single signature.

If you haven’t petitioned, you can still grab a few before March 1. Just ask your family and friends!

Download form here and remember to write “Green Party” in the blank at the top-left of the petition form. In the blank at the top-right, put the county where the voter is registered. Then sign your name as “circulator” at the bottom of the form. (NOTE: Circulators are permitted to sign their own petition.)

With sincerest appreciation,

Micah Gamino, Secretary
GPOK Cooperative Council

AZ Greens need your help

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