Oklahoma Green Party endorses Branum for House District #99

TULSA, OK – The Green Party of Oklahoma endorsed J. M. Branum’s independent candidacy for House District #99 at its 5th annual state convention on August 19th.

The convention was held in Tulsa and was attended by party members from Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Porum, Ft. Gibson, and Norman. The state party’s endorsement decision followed the Oklahoma County Green party’s decision to endorse Branum at their August 13th meeting.

Joni Leviness, convention participant from Tulsa, said about Branum’s campaign, “I support him because his campaign issues are true issues he cares about and are not just campaign slogans. I know that Oklahoma would be well-represented by him.”
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Minutes from the 5th Annual GPOK State Convention

Green Party of Oklahoma 5th Annual State Convention and meeting of the GPOK Cooperative Council

August 19, 2006 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Members participating: Rachel Jackson (Rural Oklahoma), James M. Branum (Okla. County), Doug Vincent (Okla. County), Ben Alpers (Cleveland County), Cynthia Wilson (Okla. County), Huti Reynolds (Green Country), Jean McMahon (Green Country), Joni LeViness (Green Country)

Guests present: Paul Tay & ??? (Libertarian guy’s name?)
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You’re invited – 5th Annual Oklahoma Green Party State Convention

All Oklahoma Green Party members and friends are invited to our 5th Annual Green Party state convention.

The convention will be held at Saffron’s Coffeeshop (more info at http://www.saffroncoffee.com, 1148 S. Harvard) in Tulsa, from 12-3 p.m. on Saturday, August 19th.

Potential agenda items for the meeting at this time include:

1. Consideration of the endorsement of J. M. Branum for State House, District #99
2. Discussion of other potential endorsements
3. Discussion on a GPOK candidate questionnaire
4. Discussion on ballot access reform
5. A report on the 2006 Annual National Meeting
6. Consideration of a proposed “GPOK Bicycle/Mass Transit Legislative Agenda” (also if others have proposals for consideration, please send them to me asap so i can make sure we have copies of the proposals at the meeting)

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Pottawatomie County Greens Meeting – September ’06

If you are interested in meeting with Pottawatomie County greens then please email me, Gregg Dickson, at gregory.d.dickson@sbcglobal.net

I am planning a number of activities to launch a Greens Party here in Pott. Co. (Shawnee, Tecumseh, etc.) including voter registration drives, writing a platform, and meeting with Pott. Co. politicians to make them aware of Green issues.

Gregg Dickson

The Green Leaf is resurrected – Nov. 2005 issue now online and in print

Well the first issue of the resurrected Green Leaf (our state newsletter) is out and online at http://www.okgreens.org/greenleaf/greeenleaf-nov2005.pdf

Or if you want one in print, come to the OKC Peace Festival tomorrow where we’ll be handing them out at our table.

This first issue is pretty short, but we wanted to go ahead and get it out in time to hand out at the Peace Festival. The next issue though I hope will be longer and of better quality, so if you would like to help on it as part of the newsletter committee, please get in touch.

James Branum
GPOK Secretary
jmb (at) okgreens (dot) org