The March 1 deadline to file petition signatures to get the Green Party on the 2016 ballot is right around the corner!

By law, all petitions must be submitted to the state election board at the same time – in one, big bundle. So if you have collected ANY signatures for this effort, please mail your petition forms to the following address:

3375 E. Lindsey St.
Norman, OK 73071

Please note that every line of your form does not need a signature for the petition to count. We can accept forms containing a single signature.

If you haven’t petitioned, you can still grab a few before March 1. Just ask your family and friends!

Download form here and remember to write “Green Party” in the blank at the top-left of the petition form. In the blank at the top-right, put the county where the voter is registered. Then sign your name as “circulator” at the bottom of the form. (NOTE: Circulators are permitted to sign their own petition.)

With sincerest appreciation,

Micah Gamino, Secretary
GPOK Cooperative Council

Let’s Put the Green Party on the Ballot in Oklahoma


Want to see your favorite candidates on the ballot in Oklahoma?
This year the Green Party and the Libertarian Parties are working together to get both on the Oklahoma ballot. We will both be gathering petition signatures and the total good signatures needed is 24,745 before March 1, 2016. We need to get more than the required number since some are always disqualified. That is not a lot of time but this year the number needed is far less than the 41,242 required in the past and both parties are working together so we have high hopes.

What you will need to participate: Petition Form (print the form that opens)

To get started: Instructions 

Contact us before beginning: